How to prevent bicycles from being stolen? Remember these tips.

Those friends who have been worried about their car being stolen come look over! Today I will tell you how to lock your bike safely. Too many people on the Internet ask questions such as "How can I lock the car to prevent theft?" "Where is the safest lock?" and so on. In my opinion, many people are not sure how to lock the car and how to use the car lock reasonably.

Not only in the UK, car thieves are all over the world! According to crime investigation data, since 2017, as many as 300,000 bicycles have been stolen every year in England and Wales alone. A high-quality car lock is not enough to resist car thieves' worries, so below I will teach you a few ways to lock the car correctly.

Whenever I go out and see someone's indescribable method of locking the car, I feel that his car will be dedicated to the car thief every minute. So friends who have lost their cars should take some time to read this article, and try not to give car thieves an opportunity in the future.

If you don't know how to use a high-quality car lock reasonably, then the car lock is useless for car thieves.

It is definitely not safe to leave the bicycle in an unattended place! You know, a bicycle is stolen every 90 seconds in the UK, so no amount of skill is 100% guaranteed. Fortunately, some of the techniques introduced here can effectively help you reduce the probability of your bicycle being stolen. Let me take you through one by one below.

1. Choose a place with many bicycles to store

Usually you will store your bicycles very close to your destination, but this is not a good habit. Why not try to store your bicycle in a place with many bicycles, such as a bicycle parking lot. In this way, your bicycle will be submerged in the vast "bicycle sea" and will not stand out.

Regarding the storage location, try to choose those people who come and go, and store them in busy downtown areas. Car thieves generally do not want to be seen by others when stealing cars, so they usually choose those bicycles parked in remote places to steal. It is naturally safer to place your car in a downtown area, and these places are usually covered with surveillance facilities and have a lot of people.

2. Lock the car to an object that cannot be moved

Even if you have an indestructible car lock, if you lock the car on an unstable object, it is tantamount to facilitating the thief. In other words, how secure the object you lock the car is, how safe your car is. If the object that locks the bike is not strong enough, your bike can easily become a target for thieves. You must take it as a warning and don't make the same mistakes. If you like to leave your car next to a tree, you have to be more careful.

I never recommend that you place the car on a wooden object. Although they look very strong on the surface, they are really fragile like wooden fences or small trees, and they break when they break. So don't lock it on wood when you lock it.

In addition, it is not good for your car to be locked next to a tree. The rough bark can easily scratch your beloved car. Conversely, the sharp parts of the bicycle may also cause damage to the tree. So, think twice, and it's best not to be locked with a tree outside.

3. Familiarize yourself with the surrounding environment

If you are not familiar with the surrounding environment, it is recommended that you do not leave your car here. It is better to take a few more steps and put the car in a place you know and feel safe. Many places are easy for a thief to start, so it is important to be familiar with the surrounding environment. If possible, avoid leaving the car in an unfamiliar place.

4. Lock the valuable parts of your bike

Generally speaking, the frame is the most expensive part in the whole car, followed by the wheel set. So when locking the car, you should consider locking the frame first, and then consider locking other parts. Once you lock the frame, you can consider locking the second most expensive part, usually the wheel set. No matter where you lock the car, follow this order.

f your bicycle is self-assembled, for example, you are equipped with a set of expensive carbon fiber wheels, knowing that the price of the wheels is very expensive, then when you lock the bike, you can decide where to use the lock according to the price of the parts. Locking the car in this way can effectively reduce the probability of your car being stolen. The thief will naturally be discouraged when he sees this way of locking the car, because he knows that you really know how to lock the car.

If possible, you can also lock the seat cushion and handlebars together. You know, some extreme thieves will take apart the car and steal it piece by piece.

5. Take away or lock the small parts of your bike

As I just said, some thieves specifically steal the parts that are easy to start. Especially the parts that can be quickly disassembled: wheels, seatposts, pedals, stopwatches, car lights, etc., take whatever you can, and the thief will not go empty.

A good car light is not cheap, and a thief wants to make a fortune, so don't leave them in the car when you leave. A car light can be disassembled in a few seconds by yourself, let alone a thief. Remember to take it with you when you go.

6. Park your car in a place covered by CCTV surveillance

When you learn how to lock the car, you tend to ignore the importance of the surrounding environment. In many cases, choosing a suitable place to park will greatly increase the safety factor of your bicycle anti-theft.

Be aware that not all parking places will be covered by CCTV surveillance, but if you are lucky enough to install surveillance facilities where you store your car, even if you have to pay a parking fee, it is definitely worth it to leave your car there.

Summary-how to lock your bike correctly

7. In addition to using a lock, you can also use a chain to extend the cable

I always don't recommend using a chain lock as the main lock to lock the bike. A main lock extension cord is the best choice for you to lock the parts of the bicycle. It is inexpensive and safe enough. Many D-locks are now equipped with extended chains. Of course, the safety of the chains is not that high, but at least it can give your bicycle more protection.

Summary-how to lock your bike correctly

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