How good is it for children to ride a bicycle?

From the perspective of promoting the healthy growth of children, parents need to allow their children to ride more bicycles before their children go to junior high school. Cycling has many benefits for children's physical and psychologicalgrowth. 

1、Benefits of bicycle

Bicycles are not only a convenient and safe means of transportation, but also help the body grow taller. As a kind of aerobic exercise, riding a bicycle promotes the movement of the child's legs, accelerates blood circulation, stimulates the growth of the child's lower limb bones, thereby helping the human body to grow taller. Therefore, cycling for half an hour every day is helpful for the growth of children's bones.

In addition, joint sports can enhance parent-child relationships. Parents who take their children to ride or ride together can promote a more harmonious and harmonious parent-child relationship. Riding together with children in the community can also make it easier for children to integrate into the community of children, make more friends, increase the duration of regular activities and exercise, and so on.

2、How to choose a bicycle

Children's bicycles are not simply reduced versions of adult bicycles, but are specially designed bicycles that combine the developmental characteristics of children. It can make the child more stretched and more comfortable in the process of riding, which will be more beneficial to the child's spine development.

Children directly use a bicycle that is too large. On the one hand, it will be more tired because of the inconvenience to ride. In addition, the mismatch of the handlebar position and size will also cause the child to ride the wrong posture, which not only has a bad effect on physical development, but also is more prone to accidents.

3、How to use the bicycle

New car needs to be adjusted

After the bicycle arrives home, first adjust the height of the bicycle saddle and handles.

Adjusting the height of the saddle can make the movement of the child's joints smoother when riding, and reduce unnecessary friction between the child's thigh and the saddle.

Adjusting the position of the handles allows children to control the direction and brakes of the bicycle more easily when they grasp the handles. When riding, the appropriate handle height can also make the child's arms easier.

If the child feels too heavy or not sensitive enough when testing the brakes, he should adjust the brakes to the most appropriate level to ensure the child's riding safety. After quality-qualified bicycles leave the factory, there is generally no problem with the brakes. If it is true that the child does not use it smoothly or the brakes are not sensitive, you can take the bicycle to a repair place and let a professional repair and adjust it.

Attention to the venue

When taking a child to ride a bicycle, you must also pay attention to the problem of the venue. It is best to choose parks, children's playgrounds or inside communities where there is no frequent traffic. Never let your children ride on roads with frequent traffic.

Compared with adults, children have a weaker sense of safety and are easy to ride fast and slow or turn suddenly. Children's bicycles are relatively shorter and less conspicuous. Children who are too young are more likely to have accidents when they ride bicycles on the road. So make sure that your children do not ride bicycles on the road.

In autumn and winter, the weather is darker earlier, so when children are riding in the community or park, it is best to choose a children's bicycle with headlights!

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