2021 Tour de France S5: A genius boy! Tadej Pogačar easily wins the title, Mathieu van der Poel defends the yellow jersey

On June 30th, the 2021 108th Tour de France ushered in the fifth stage of the individual time trial. Tadej Pogačar (UAE Team Emirates) demonstrated extraordinary individual time trial ability, With a time score of 32 minutes, he was significantly ahead of the second. Stefan Küng, the famous European champion, won the individual time trial of the day in one fell swoop; Mathieu van der Poel, wearing a yellow jersey, lags behind Tadej Pogačar, but also tried to ride 32 minutes and 31 seconds, the fifth good result of the stage. This also successfully saved the yellow jersey.

The mileage of the fifth stage of the individual time trial is 27.2 kilometers. The track runs between Changé and Laval. There are two checkpoints on the way; there are two stages of gentle climbing and downhill, but it can basically be counted as a flat road.


The popular cyclists of the day were:



Stefan Küng, active European and Swiss individual time trial champion, one of the absolute stage hottest cyclists.


Stefan Bissergger, another young individual time trial expert in Switzerland, although he does not have very impressive results at the moment, he has always shown very strong potential at the age of 22 and won the second place in the 2020 European Championships, etc.


Kasper Asgreen, the Danish national champion in the individual time trial, won the E3 and Ronde van Vlaanderen champions in the first half of the year, in a vigorous state.


Primož Roglič, one of the Slovenian duo, is one of the favorites of this year's Tour de France championship. Previously performed well in the individual time trial, but in the third stage of the bike crashed and injured, how the state is a mystery.


Tadej Pogačar, the individual time trial has not been weak, the scene of the turnaround of Primož Roglič by the individual time trial in the 2020 Tour de France is destined to be recorded in the annals of history.


Wout van Aert, a Belgian super new star, has crossed from a CX superstar to a road race superstar. He is known for his classical and sprint ability, and his personal time trial ability is also quite good. He won the second place in the personal time trial world championship in 2020.


Tony Martin, the former individual time trial world champion, although he is older and has not been as good as his peak for many years, he won the championship in the individual time trial of the recent German National Championship.


Peter Sagan, yes, you read that right. Sagan showed quite a good form in the fourth stage yesterday, and in fact, his ability in the sprint time trial is pretty good—especially when he feels it is necessary to win. Time, but this stage I don’t think Sagan will try his best


Geraint Thomas, his personal time trial ability has always been very top, but he suffered injuries due to a previous crash.


In addition to the stage champions, another suspense on the day of the stage is that who can refresh the overall results list through the day's stage results and wear the overall results yellow jersey.

The fifth stage of the game started at 12:15 noon local time in France. After the start of the race, there were light showers, sometimes with showers and the track being slippery, and sometimes the track became dry when the rain was stopped, which gave the race a layer of luck on the day. Amund Grondahl Jansen of the Team BikeExchange team was the first cyclist to start with a time of 37 minutes and 04 seconds.

Tony Martin, the seventh to start, scored 35 minutes and 33 seconds and was the person who sat firmly in the hot seat early. However, Tony Martin did not sit in the hot seat for too long. Mikkel Bjerg of UAE Team Emirates, who started in 26th place, had a very good time of 33 minutes and 01 seconds. Since then, he has been sitting in the hot seat for a long time. No one was able to shake his results for a long time after that.

Stefan Bissegger, the super-potential youngster of the Swiss Time Trial who started in 84th place, once hoped to drive Mikkel Bjerg off the hot seat, but unfortunately he almost crashed because of the slippery road when cornering in the race-so he also "breaks the rhythm" , And finally crossed the line with 33 minutes and 22 seconds and still failed to shake Mikkel Bjerg.

Mattia Cattaneo (Deceuninck-QuickStep), who started at 121st place, was in the top even though his results at the two checkpoints were not the best. He ran out of 32 minutes and 55 seconds and became the first. A man who squeezed in for 33 minutes-to also drive Mikkel Bjerg off the hot seat.


However, Mattia Cattaneo's time in the hot seat must not be long-the favorite of the day, the European Intercontinental and Swiss national double champion Stefan Kung immediately became the focus of attention of the audience. Stefan Kung's performance did not disappoint. He ran the best of the game at the second checkpoint, and the time after crossing the line was 32 minutes and 19 seconds, which was 36 seconds faster than Mattia Cattaneo, which greatly refreshed the best result at the time. , And also became the first cyclist to finish the race with an average speed of more than 50km/h.

After that, it gradually entered the appearance of the total score cyclists-everyone was excited that many of the total score cyclists who started one after another showed a very strong time trial level, and Primož Roglič, who started in the 158th place, was the first. A starting overall champion favorite, he fixed the result at 32 minutes and 44 seconds. Although he was 25 seconds behind and failed to shake Stefan Kung, the result is already quite good, and more importantly, the state shown shows that he is not. Unlike many media and  fans, they are still in the list of strong competitors in the overall performance list.

It’s even more amazing that he started at 172nd place, 6th from the bottom. One of the Slovenian duo, the 2020 Tour de France champion is also the most popular Tadej Pogačar of this year’s Tour de France champions-Tadej Pogačar has two checkpoints on the way. Both ran out of the best of the day. At this time, he was basically determined to drive Stefan Kung out of the hot seat; after crossing the line, Tadej Pogačar's time was fixed at 32 minutes, 18.27 seconds faster than Stefan Kung, and he sat on the hot seat. ——Everyone knows that Tadej Pogačar's personal time trial ability is very strong, but they don't know how strong it is to beat European champion Stefan Kung.


The last five cyclists to start were Wilco Kelderman, Wout Van Aert, Richard Carapaz, Julian Alaphilippe, and Mathieu van der Poel, who started last. Among these 5 people, Wout Van Aert, who is considered the best in time trial according to his historical record, performed well, only 30 seconds behind Tadej Pogačar; after that, the biggest suspense was whether Mathieu van der Poel, who was wearing a yellow jersey, could keep it. Yellow jersey-and Mathieu van der Poel, who has always been considered as capable of time trial, also performed unexpectedly. Like Wout Van Aert, he was only 30 seconds behind Tadej Pogačar to complete the game-which allowed Mathieu van der Poel to successfully defend.

"It was a very good day. I didn't make any mistakes. The weather was perfect for me." The tone and expression were very understatement. Tadej Pogačar showed a kind of "humblebrag" temperament of a genius cyclist in the interview after the race.

Considering that Mathieu van der Poel has never been considered a good time trial player, defending the yellow jersey can be said to be a huge success for Mathieu van der Poel. Mathieu van der Poel said in a post-match interview, “I really didn't think I'd keep the jersey tonight , I'm really happy to have it for another day . I have to thank the team."

Although the yellow jersey belonging to Mathieu van der Poel has not changed after the stage that day, the ranking after Mathieu van der Poel has changed a lot. Tadej Pogačar, Primož Roglič, Kasper Asgreen, Geraint Thomas, Alexey Lutsenko who performed well in this stage , Pierre Latour, Rigoberto Urán, Jonas Vingegaard, Stefan Kung, etc. have all gained different degrees of rise in the overall score list; and correspondingly, poor or average overall score cyclists include Richard Carapaz, Wilco Kelderman, Enric Mas, David  Gaudu and Nairo Quintana,The ranking have declined to varying degrees.

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