2021 Tour de France S4: The missile reignites! Add a green shirt! The Cavendish miracle reappears

On June 29th, the fourth stage of the Tour de France ended. Cavendish (De Cournik-Quick Step) recovered his former self in the sprint battle, won the stage championship with a beautiful sprint, and reached the top of the list in sprint points, putting it on again after many years Sprinting the green shirt made the fans excited about it.

The fourth stage is 150.4km in length, there is no climbing point in the track, and the ups and downs are almost negligible. The organizing committee only set up a sprint point on the 114.4km. It is almost certain that we can watch two sprint duels within the last 50km. The major sprint teams that are eyeing the green shirts and stage champions will stage a wonderful train blast and sprint battle.

177 drivers stood on the starting line of the fourth stage. Youan (Lotto-Speed's Austria) suffered a severe crash in the sprint the day before, fractured his collarbone, and retired regrettably. At the same time, due to the frequent accidents during the opening of the Tour de France in the past few days, the drivers are deeply dissatisfied. The Professional Cyclists Association (CPA) issued a statement before the race, requesting the Tour de France organizing committee to attach importance to the safety of drivers.

"After the crash in the third stage of the Tour de France, CPA has been discussing with the drivers how they hope to continue to express their dissatisfaction with the safety measures of the event and demand that their concerns be taken seriously." CPA's statement read, "The drivers want to emphasize their respect for sponsors, sports teams, organizers and international organizations. In return, the drivers demand the same respect-respect for their safety. For this reason, the drivers demand that UCI and the competition's All stakeholders discussed to adjust the 3km rule in the race."

As a result, the drivers expressed their demands with actions at the beginning of the fourth stage. After the neutral riding was over, the main group immediately stopped, and the riders expressed their dissatisfaction with a small "strike". But the race had to continue. Not long after, the main group set off again and traveled 10km at a slower speed. It was not until the Oberzin-Phoenix team came to the front of the group to lead the race, and the race returned to normal.

Soon, Van Moore (lotto-speed's Austrian) launched an offensive, Perishon (Corfidis) followed closely, and the two left hand in hand. The main group gave the green light to the two breakout drivers. The Obi-Phoenix, Dekunik-Quickstep and FDJ teams led the main group to move forward slowly. The time gap quickly increased and stabilized at about 2.5 minutes. The race was long. In a stable situation.

Van Moore and Perishon passed the sprint points on the way one after another, and the main group brought them later. Cavendish was in good condition and stood out in the group sprint. With the assists of his teammates, he won the third place with 15 points in the sprint point. This sprint point on the way can be said to be a small preview of the finish sprint. Can Cavendish win the Tour de France again? We will wait and see.

As the race entered the final stage, the lead of the breakout driver continued to decline, with only 42 seconds left in the final 14km. At this time, Van Moore decided to work harder, get rid of the helpless Perishon, and fight the menacing main group alone. The time gap rose back to 1 minute and 4 seconds in the last 10km.

The teams squeezed in front of the main group to stare at each other. Van Moore led by 52 seconds in the last 5km and 42 seconds in the last 4km. His teammates were trying to slow down the rhythm of the main group. The Trek-Saga Landor team led the team into the final 2km, Van Moore took a 10-second advantage and entered the final 1km. All the hearts of everyone on the scene raised their eyes and the victory was in front of Van Moore.

In the last 300m, the Oberzin-Phoenix team led the team back to Van Moore. They wanted to replicate the victory of the previous stage. In the melee, Cavendish moved flexibly to the front. Phillipson opened at the last 250m. Cavendish bit his rear wheel, and the Isle of Man missile once again showed its former style, surpassing it with absolute strength. Phillipson, won the stage champion, won the 31st Tour de France stage victory in his career. Buani (Akea Sansik) was second in the stage, Phillipson was third, Matthews was fourth, and Sagan was fifth.

After the end of the stage, Vander Poor retained the overall result to lead the yellow jersey, Sihailin continued to wear the climbing polka dot shirt, and Bogacha led the best young driver white jersey. The most exciting thing is that Cavendish made a comeback, sprinting points to overtake teammate Ala Philippe by 7 points and jumped to the top of the list. This means that Cavendish will once again put on the sprint green shirt and stand on the starting line of tomorrow with a long-lost appearance. Van Moore, who missed the championship, won the Stage Dare to Fight Award.

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