2021 Tour de France S3: Ten kilometers perilous, serial crashes change the situation

On June 28th, the third stage of the Tour de France ended. Vander Poor (Obsyn-Phoenix) led strongly in the last 2km and opened up a sprint route for his teammates. Phillipson sent the final assist and launched Meryl. In the end, Merrill won the stage championship, and the Obi-Phoenix team took the stage champion and runner-up.

The third stage is a flat road stage with a total length of 182.9km and only contains two grade 4 climbing and a sprint point on the way. The chance of breaking through the group to win the championship is not great, and the flat road before the finish line will bring us the first group sprint of this Tour de France.

The race officially started, and Schheling (Bola Hansgrohe), wearing a substitute polka dot shirt, launched another charge. The Dutch driver only needs to score one more point to get his own climbing polka dot shirt. . Soon, the breakout group for today’s game was formally formed, with five people from Schheling, Valais (Coffidis), Schal (AG2R Citroen), Barthes and Chevalier (B&B Hotel) in a group. After 30km, a lead of 2 minutes and 30 seconds was established. Behind the breakout drivers, the Lotto-speed Austrian team continued to lead the main group, protecting Euan to compete for the stage championship.

A dark cloud was shrouded in the arena, and the Lotto-speed Ao and FDJ teams took turns leading the lead. Suddenly, an accident happened. Thomas, Luke Luo (Ineos), Tony Martin and Hessink (Jumbo Wismar) fell to the ground. Hessink was injured and retired. Thomas slowed down and hurried to pursue. , Nearly three minutes behind the main group. Soon after, the heavy rain poured, Thomas struggled to catch up behind Luke Luo, and the riding rhythm of the main group slowed down slightly.

The rain gradually stopped and Thomas returned to the main group with the help of three teammates, but his condition was not ideal, and he moved on after changing cars. With 100km from the finish line, the lead of the breakout group dropped to 2 minutes. The main group did not rush, and the Oberzin-Phoenix team also participated in the lead.

The breakout group came to the first level 4 climb in the game, and Sihailin kicked out and the other four ignored his attack and let Sihailin get 1 point. Schheling is in a good mood, and has overtaken Vanderpool in climbing points. He will wear his own polka dot shirt after the game. Then Si Hailin waved goodbye to the Breakout Group, slowly retreated to the main group, and ended the day's mission.

Breaking through the four sprint points in harmony, Barthes won the first place. The main group came later, Corbrelli (Bahrain victory) led the start of the rush under the leadership of his teammates, Cavendish followed closely, Sagan and DeMar also rushed to the front, but Euan on the right side of the track Even better, several big-name drivers go hand in hand. In the end, Euan scored 11 points for the fifth sprint point, and Cavendish, who crossed the line sixth, scored 10 points.

Valais led the breakout group through the climbing point, and the convoys began to line up. In the last 15km, the time gap between the two groups was only 39 seconds, and the Bahrain Victory, Ineos, Jumbo Wismar and Dekunik-Quickstep were in the front to control the pace of the game. At 12.5km, Chevalier in the breakout group was recovered, the DSM team came to the front and accelerated wildly, and the main group was divided into two.

The accident happened again, and the main group crashed twice within a few kilometers. The first crash occurred in the last 12km, Lopez, Cavendish, Gordy and Madua (FDJ) fell to the ground; the second crash occurred in the last 10km, this time Rogridge was squeezed Off the track, fell seriously. Rogridge hurriedly pursued after changing cars and tried to return to the fast-moving main group under the protection of Tony Martin and other teammates.

In the last 5km, the breakout drivers were all recovered. 4.2km, the leading group suffered a serious crash at the corner, DeMar fell to the ground and Haig (Bahrain victory) retired. At 2km, Van der Poor appeared in front of the race, and flew towards the finish line with the leading group, pulling at a high speed to screen the leading group again. At 900m, Van der Poor completed the task, and the Obi-Phoenix team pulled up a sprint train to fully support Merrill's fight for the stage championship.

Phillipson led Meryl into the last corner. Behind them were Euan and Sagan, and the three rushed almost at the same time. But at the most intense moment of tension, Euan and Merrill collided, Euan lost his balance and fell heavily to the ground. Sagan couldn't dodge, was tripped by Euan, and lost the chance to compete for the championship. At this time, Meryl was unstoppable, sprinting vigorously, and successfully won the stage championship. Phillipson, the lead puncher, also performed well, finishing second in the stage and Buani (Akai Sansik) third.

You An's situation is not optimistic, lying on the ground for a long time unable to get up, was carried into an ambulance to the hospital. Sagan got up immediately after the crash and finally finished the race. Judging from the current news, Youan will withdraw from this Tour de France with a fractured clavicle.

In terms of overall results, Vander Poor maintains a leading position. He will continue to wear the lead yellow jersey, with Ara Philippe second overall. Rogridge lost a lot of time in the crash and dropped to 20th overall, 1 minute and 35 seconds behind Vanderpool. Karapaz rose to third, Van Alter fourth, and Bogacha sixth. In addition, Ala Philip has the sprint green jersey, Schhailin regained the climbing polka dot jersey, and Bogacha continued to maintain the best young driver white jersey. Schal won the stage dare to fight award.

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