2021 Tour de France S17: three people compete, Pogacar dominates the mountains again.

On July 14, the 17th stage of the Tour de France ended. Tadej Pogacar, Jonas Vingegaard and Richard Carapaz started the GC battle in the final HC-level climb. Tadej Pogacar steadily fought and launched a powerful sprint at the last minute to defeat his opponent and win the stage championship.

The main group came to the Pyrenees again. The stage was 178.4km in length. There were two grade 1 slopes (13.2km, 7%; 7.4km, 8.3%) and HC grade climbing (16km, 8.3%) before the finish line. 8.7%) and a sprint point on the way. The first 110km of the stage is slow and the difficulty is relatively low. However, after entering the mountains, the cyclists are presented with three consecutive difficult climbing points. The first two grade 1 slopes are already quite challenging, and the HC grade before the end is even more difficult. If in the previous races, the overall results of the cyclists have not been able to widen the gap too much, then the situation is likely to become clear after the end of this stage.


July 14th is France's National Day. The warm cheers of the audience and the serious expressions of the cyclists formed a sharp contrast. 145 cyclists stood on the starting line in the drizzle. It is worth mentioning that Tadej Pogacar replaced the rim brake version of the Colnago V3Rs in this stage. Can he crush his opponents in the last three mountains and bring surprises to the fans?

Soon after the start of the game, Valentin Madouas (FDJ) immediately launched a breakout action, and Pierre Rolland (B&B Hotels) quickly followed up, passing Valentin Madouas and flew solo. The main group was very fierce and recovered Pierre Rolland 14km after the start of the race, and the group's attacks continued. After a fierce struggle, six people including Lukas Pöstlberger (Bora-Hansgrohe), Anthony Perez (Cofidis), Dorian Godon (AG2RCitroën), Anthony Turgis (Total Direct Energie), Danny van Poppel (Wanty-Gobert) and Maxime Chevalier (B&B Hotels) Successfully left and established a stable lead, Steven Kruijswijk (Jumbo–Visma) in the main group regretted to retire.


60km after the start of the race, the six broke out to lead the main group by 8 minutes and 20 seconds. The Israel Start-Up Nation team took the lead. They hoped to help Michael Woods gain more climbing points. Soon after, UAE Team Emirates and Arkea-Samsic teams also joined the lead, and the pace of the race became stable. With 100km from the finish line, the main group was still behind by nearly 8 minutes.

▲Sunflowers all over the mountains

Danny van Poppel in the breakout group seized the first sprint point on the way, and the six people held a lead of 8 minutes and 30 seconds to enter the first level 1 climb. The Deceuninck-QuickStep team took Mark Cavendish out of a sprint train, followed by Michael Matthews and Sonny Colbrelli, who will compete for the remaining sprint points. Before the sprint point arrived, Michael Matthews took the lead and Mark Cavendish calmly followed, and the two crossed the line one after another. At this point, the sprinters have completed the task, and Mark Cavendish's sprint points are still 36 points ahead of Michael Matthews.


The main group came to level 1, Elie Gesbert, Nairo Quintana (Arkea-Samsic), Pierre Latour (Total Direct Energie) and Wout Poels (Bahrain Victorious) wearing a climbing polka-dot jersey attacked and left, and the main group accelerated the pace of the pursuit. , Many cyclists began to fall behind. When the breakout cyclist was 6km away from the climbing point, the Polka dot jersey group was behind by 6 minutes and 25 seconds, the main group was behind by 7 minutes, and the green jersey group broke back and was behind by nearly 8 minutes.


Marc Hirschi (UAE Team Emirates) took the lead on the level 1 climb and quickly led the team to recover Elie Gesbert, Nairo Quintana and Wout Poels. Pierre Latour speeded up and escaped, alone against the aggressive main group. When there is 1.5km away from the climbing point, the breakout group only has a lead of 4 minutes and 55 seconds.

Anthony Turgis in the breakout group took the lead to pass the first level 1 climbing point, and after a short downhill, the cyclists went to the second level 1 climb. The UAE Team Emirates team continued to control the field and led the main group back to Pierre Latour. Anthony Perez, Dorian Godon and Anthony Turgis in the breakout group accelerated to leave. The cyclists fought their own way, and everyone did not want their efforts in vain. With 5.5km from the climbing point, Anthony Perez accelerated his solo flight, leading the main group by only 4 minutes.


Anthony Perez managed to get the first place in the climbing point, and only Dorian Godon and Anthony Turgis were left behind him. The main group took back the lagging breakout cyclists one by one, and Wout Poels launched a sprint before the climb point arrived, defeating Nairo Quintana and won the fourth point in the climb point, expanding his lead in climbing points. In the last part of the race downhill, 22km from the finish line, Dorian Godon caught up with Anthony Perez, and the two began to work together against the surging main group.

Dorian Godon and Anthony Perez came to the final HC-level climb hand in hand, and the two French cyclists slowly climbed to the cheers. In the last 14km, the leader group of UAE Team Emirates was behind by 3 minutes and 20 seconds. Nairo Quintana, Wout Van Aert, Richie Porte and others were left behind. Soon after, Anthony Perez speeded out and got rid of Dorian Godon solo. Anthony Turgis finally couldn't help but was chased back. The main group fell apart. Geraint Thomas, Wout Poels and others were left behind. There were also Tadej Pogacar and Richard in the yellow jersey group. Carapaz, Jonas Vingegaard, Coos, Michael Woods, Rigoberto Urán, Ben O'Connor and others, the stage favorites are still standing still.

▲There is still 10km away from the finish line. Anthony Perez is 40 seconds ahead of Dorian Godon and 1 minute and 40 seconds ahead of the Yellow Jersey Group. Can he hold the advantage?

The main group chased more and more fiercely, taking back Dorian Godon, and Anthony Perez became the last hope of a breakout cyclist. Pello Bilbao (Bahrain Victorious) launched the attack first. Rafał Majka sent Tadej Pogacar the final assist. The latter caught up with Pello Bilbao and then attacked, instantly chasing Anthony Perez back, and the GC battle ignited immediately.


In the last 8km, Tadej Pogacar attacked continuously. Only Tadej Pogacar, Jonas Vingegaard, Richard Carapaz and Rigoberto Urán were left in front of the game. Soon after, Rigoberto Urán fell behind and could only watch the yellow jersey group drift away. Tadej Pogacar and Jonas Vingegaard continued to test each other and took turns to lead the ride. Richard Carapaz followed behind them with a face, and the trio led Rigoberto Urán and others by 50 seconds in the last 5km.

▲Tadej Pogacar, Jonas Vingegaard and Richard Carapaz quickly entered the dense fog in the mountains. In the last 3km, David Gaudu was behind 40 seconds to pursue alone, while Rigoberto Urán and others were behind by more than 1 minute.

Tadej Pogacar undertook most of the lead tasks in the trio team. In the last 2.2km, Tadej Pogacar launched a wave of onslaught, but failed to get rid of Jonas Vingegaard and Richard Carapaz behind him. Soon, Tadej Pogacar attacked again, to no avail. In the last 1.4km, Richard Carapaz finally attacked, pulling away Jonas Vingegaard frantically and taking Tadej Pogacar into the final 700m.


Richard Carapaz continued to output, and it took Jonas Vingegaard a lot of effort to get back to the small group. After constant offensive, pulling, and chasing, Richard Carapaz and Jonas Vingegaard both consumed a lot of money, and Tadej Pogacar finally waited for the best offensive moment, launched a powerful sprint in the last 100m, and won the stage champion. Jonas Vingegaard defended Richard Carapaz's offense, rushing to second stage and Richard Carapaz third.


After the stage, Rigoberto Urán lost time and Jonas Vingegaard's total score rose to second place, 4 seconds ahead of third place Richard Carapaz. The four-color jersey remains unchanged. Tadej Pogacar retains the overall yellow jersey and the best young cyclist white jersey. Mark Cavendish continues to wear the sprint green jersey, and Wout Poels sticks to the climbing polka dot jersey. Anthony Perez won the stage Combativity award.

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