2021 Tour de France S11: Dominated the Ventoux mountain! Wout Van Aert won this stage

On July 7, the eleventh stage of the Tour de France ended. Wout Van Aert (Jumbo–Visma) launched an offensive in the last HC-class ventoux mountain climbing, and he took the lead. In such a difficult mountain stage, he proved his strength with the championship and gave all fans a guide. Come surprise.

The eleventh stage is a long mountain stage with a total length of 198.9km, almost 200 kilometers. There are two grade 4 slopes (1.9km, 6%; 2.5km, 5.1%), two grade 1 slopes (9.3km, 6.7%; 22km, 5.1%), and one HC grade (15.7km, 5.1%). 8.8%) and a sprint point on the way. Although the distance of this stage is very long, the real starting point of the competition is actually about 65km, before the first grade 1 slope.


The first half of the schedule is relatively flat, and there is likely to be a sprinter to break through to grab the sprint point. The total score team is most likely to start action before the first grade, compete for position and pull out the train. At the same time, at this point in time, there may be breakout groups that include more climbers. Of course, it is definitely the final HC grade slope that determines the title of the stage and affects the overall result to a large extent. The first cyclist to pass the top of the slope can almost be said to have locked the stage championship, so on this 15km mountain road, there will be a fierce fight.

164 cyclists started today's race. Just 2km from the start, world champion Julian Alaphilippe (Deceuninck-QuickStep) launched an offensive and quickly ignited the flames of war. The breakout cyclists began to actively try. After the start of the race 25km, Julian Alaphilippe and Nairo Quintana (Arkea-Samsic) worked together to leave and established a weak lead. In the main group, Tony Martin (Jumbo–Visma) suffered a serious crash. This time he could no longer hold on and had no choice but to retire.


Julian Alaphilippe was in a brave state. He threw away Nairo Quintana and grabbed the first level 4 climbing point, and was the first to enter the solo breakout mode. After Julian Alaphilippe passed the sprint point alone, Daniel Martin (Israel Start–Up Nation), Anthony Perez (Cofidis), Neilson Powless (EF Education-Nippo), Elie Gesbert (Arkea-Samsic) and Jakob Fuglsang (Astana-Premier Tech) ) Five people caught up with him and formed a small group of breakouts, and sprinters such as Mark Cavendish, Nacer Bouhanni, Jasper Philipsen and others began to fall behind.

Before the second level 4 climbing point arrived, Julian Alaphilippe and Daniel Martin launched an attack, and the world champion was even better and scored another point. At this time, the Jumbo-Visma team in the main group could not sit still, and they needed to take action when they were severely attenuated, so Wout Van Aert opened fire freely and brought out a small-scale pursuit group. 80km after the start of the race, Julian Alaphilippe's first group was 1 minute ahead of the chasing group, 4 minutes and 30 seconds ahead of the main group where the yellow jersey was located. UAE Team Emirates and Ineos Grenadiers still chose a more stable riding strategy. Not in a hurry to chase.

In this difficult stage, many cyclists withdrew from the race, and the race entered the last three difficult climbs. In the first group, Daniel Martin took the lead to pass the first level 1 climbing point, then descended briefly and then climbed into the Ventoux mountain. At this time, the chasing group was 18 seconds behind. Next, the cyclists will climb the ventoux mountain twice and hold the advantage on the downhill section to fight for the championship of the stage.

The 12 pursuers quickly caught up with the leading 4 on the ventoux mountain climb, and a hard fight started. Among them, Julian Alaphilippe and Wout Van Aert were stronger. They launched an offense to screen the leading group, and many cyclists were left behind. Today, Julian Alaphilippe is clearly prepared, leading the group to march forward. The world champions have won the second level 1 climbing point with many excellent offenses. They will go to the foot of the mountain again after going downhill to climb the ventoux mountain. Po decisive battle.


Although the cyclists in the front of the race were fighting fiercely, the main group remained motionless, and the Ineos Grenadiers team seemed to suddenly realize the importance of controlling the overall situation and took over the lead task. At 100km from the finish line, the main group was behind by 5 minutes, and when the race was 50km, the main group was still behind by 4 minutes and 50 seconds. There were many cyclists who were behind or attacking.

▲The difficult and long climb of Ventoux mountain, I wonder if it will remind Christopher Froome of the past

In the leading group, Julien Bernard (Trek-Segafredo) madly led his teammates Bauke Mollema and Kenny Elissonde. At 37km from the finish line, Julien Bernard completed the task. Kenny Elissonde took advantage of the situation and kicked off the world champion and others. Julian Alaphilippe, Wout Van Aert and Bauke Mollema failed to keep up with Kenny Elissonde in the first place, and were soon behind by more than 20 seconds. Soon after, the Belgian national champion Wout Van Aert launched an attack and caught up with Kenny Elissonde ahead. Julian Alaphilippe and Bauke Mollema were struggling to catch up. At this time, every cyclist consumed a lot of money, but still gritted his teeth and continued to persevere.


In the last 35km, Bauke Mollema suddenly exerted his force and threw Julian Alaphilippe off guard. Fortunately, the latter reacted quickly, and after catching up, the two continued to guard each other. With 34km away from the finish line, Wout Van Aert and Kenny Elissonde led Julian Alaphilippe and Bauke Mollema by 40 seconds, 4 minutes and 45 seconds ahead of the main group with only more than 20 people left. The game was deadlocked and Victor Campenaerts (Qhubeka Assos) retired.


Less than 12km away from the final HC grade climbing point, Julian Alaphilippe couldn't stand it and gradually fell behind Bauke Mollema. In the front of the game, Wout Van Aert made a desperate move and flew solo. He needs to withstand the pressure of chasing within 11km and enter the final long-distance downhill to firmly hold the victory in his hands. In the main group, the Ineos Grenadiers team continued to consume, and Tadej Pogacar also had a lieutenant at this time. They clung to the back of the Ineos Grenadiers team, watching the opponent's every move.


Wout Van Aert continued to expand his lead, leading Kenny Elissonde by 40 seconds at 7km from the climbing point. Julian Alaphilippe was overtaken by the main group and lost hope of winning the championship.

▲In ventoux mountain, the main group quickly reduced its staff, and the large group soon ceased to exist

▲ Christopher Froome, who fell behind, must have mixed feelings in his heart

With 3km away from the climbing point, Bauke Mollema caught up with Kenny Elissonde ahead, and the two of the Trek-Segafredo team were 1 minute and 20 seconds behind the solo Wout Van Aert. At this time, Rafał Majka (UAE Team Emirates) in the main group gave the final assist, and then fell behind. Michał Kwiatkowski (Ineos Grenadiers) led Richard Carapaz in front of the group, and Tadej Pogacar stared at Richard Carapaz and waited. The opponent played the final hole card.


Michał Kwiatkowski's expression was painful, and finally ended the lead task. The three GC cyclists Richard Carapaz, Tadej Pogacar, and Rigoberto Urán started the final close duel. Unexpectedly, Jonas Vingegaard (Jumbo–Visma) wearing a white bench jersey broke the silence and suddenly accelerated, and the battle started immediately, only Tadej Pogacar barely kept up. Soon, Jonas Vingegaard, who was in better condition, threw off Tadej Pogacar at 1.3km from the climbing point, bringing surprises to the game and continuously expanding the lead.

Wout Van Aert successfully passed the last climbing point of Ventoux mountain. The climbing score reached 44 points, 6 points behind Nairo Quintana. The Belgian national champion started the final sprint towards stage victory. Bauke Mollema and Kenny Elissonde were behind by 1 minute and 05 seconds. Jonas Vingegaard behind Wout Van Aert passed the top of the slope by 1 minute and 20 seconds behind Wout Van Aert, 40 seconds ahead of Tadej Pogacar, and 45 seconds ahead of Rigoberto Urán and Richard Carapaz. The situation of the game seemed to become clear. With 15km to the end, Tadej Pogacar was overtaken by Rigoberto Urán and Richard Carapaz, 30 seconds behind Jonas Vingegaard, and the cyclists galloped downhill on Ventoux mountain.


Wout Van Aert entered the last 1km with a sufficient lead. He can be called an all-around cyclist who can rush and climb, and once again surprises fans. This time, Wout Van Aert didn't have to stage a sprint battle with his opponents. He raised his arms and shouted at the finish line and ushered in his own stage champion. The two Trek-Segafredo team cyclists were 1 minute and 14 seconds behind to cross the line. Tadej Pogacar, Rigoberto Urán and Richard Carapaz caught up with Jonas Vingegaard in the end, and the four finished the race 1 minute and 38 seconds behind.


After the stage, the four-color jersey remained unchanged. Tadej Pogacar retained his yellow jersey and best young cyclist white jersey. Rigoberto Urán rose to second place, 5 minutes 18 seconds behind, and Jonas Vingegaard third. Mark Cavendish continued to wear the sprint green jersey, and Nairo Quintana defended the climbing polka dot jersey. Kenny Elissonde won the Combativity award for the stage.

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