2021 La Vuelta S8 : Jakobsen scored twice after returning from injury.

On August 21st, the eighth stage of La Vuelta ended. In addition to Alejandro Valverde (Movistar) who retired from a car crash the day before, Hugh Carthy (EF Education-Nippo) was also closed in the previous stage and failed to reach the starting point of this station. In the end, Fabio Jakobsen (Deceuninck-QuickStep) sprinted to victory and won the stage championship, Alberto Dainese (DSM) came second, Jasper Philipsen (Alpecin-Fenix) third.


After the end of the first mountain stage of this event, the cyclists ushered in a flat road stage again. The eighth stage is 173.7km long and has only one sprint point on the way. Although there is no climbing point in this stage, the total climb is still more than 1000m. It is a "flat road stage" with Spanish characteristics. If the crosswind does not divide the main car group, then this stage will finally end with a group sprint.


After the start of the race, three cyclists from the wild truck team launched an attack and formed a breakout group. The three cyclists are Ander Okamika (Burgos-BH), Aritz Bagües (Caja Rural-Seguros RGA) and Mikel Iturria (Euskaltel-Euskadi). For this wave of attack, the main car group did not have much reaction, the stage is still very long, and the chance of breaking through the cyclists is not great. Therefore, after the start of about 30km, the breakout group established an advantage of about 4 minutes.


For a long time since then, the main car group has been under the control of QuickStep, Ineos Grenadiers, Jumbo-Visma and other teams, and the breakout cyclists in front are also actively taking turns to lead the ride. The atmosphere on the court is very harmonious. The gap between the two groups is about 3 minutes. It wasn't until the last 100km that the Alpecin-Fenix ​​team also joined the leader's team, and the main car group had a relatively obvious speed increase. Soon, they controlled the lead of the breakout cyclist within about 1 minute. It must be a sprint cyclist who will win the championship in the end.



Entering the last 40km, the major GC teams have started operations one after another, striving for a favorable position to protect their main players. At this moment, the Astana-Premier Tech team took advantage of the wind and launched an attack, instantly tearing the group into three quarters. At the same time, the acceleration also caught up with the three cyclists who had broken through earlier. However, the Astana-Premier Tech team's offense failed, and only some cyclists were hit. The main car group closed shortly afterwards. After easing for a while, they increased their speed again to prepare for the finish sprint.




In the last 10km, the Ineos Grenadiers, DSM, QuickStep and other teams all drove out the train, bringing the speed to a high speed, and there were cyclists behind the group one after another. In the last 5km, FDJ started to work for the main general Arnaud Démare, and BikeExchange also sent Michael Matthews to the front. However, the QuickStep team came to the front row again in the last 1km and firmly occupied a favorable position. In the end, Fabio Jakobsen won with a perfect sprint, with Alberto Dainese second and Jasper Philipsen third.


At the end of the stage, Primož Roglič retained the overall red jersey. Fabio Jakobsen and Jasper Philipsen competed fiercely. Both of them held two stage victories. Fabio Jakobsen once again put on the sprint green jersey after the game. Pavel Sivakov led the climbing polka dot jersey, and Egan Arley Bernal continued to wear the best young cyclist white jersey.

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