2020 Tokyo Olympic ITT : Roglič takes revenge in the ITT , claims redemption with gold medal.

On July 28, 2021, the last two road bike races of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics-individual time trials will be held as scheduled. In the men's group, Slovenian cyclist Primož Roglič won the championship, and the women's group ended with a big victory by Dutch star Annemiek van Vleuten.

The men's individual time trial is 44.2 kilometers long, and the track goes around the Fuji International Circuit for two laps. In order to avoid too many cyclists racing on the same road at the same time, all the players are divided into three groups for the race. The start time between each group is 40 minutes apart to ensure that when the runners in the back group start, the players in the previous group have at least completed The first lap of the game.

In the first group of competitions, Canadian player Hugo Houle got the best result, boarding the hot seat in 57 minutes and 56 seconds. In the second group, the Colombian cyclist Rigoberto Urán won the best, wiping out the Belgian teenager Remco Evenepoel's 57 minutes and 21 seconds with 57 minutes and 18 seconds, and came to the hot seat.

Many of the favorites to win the championship are concentrated in the third group. The long-lost Dutch celebrity Tom Dumoulin started at the bottom tenth, two-time ITT world champion, Australian cyclist Rohan Dennis started at the bottom fifth, and the much-anticipated Belgian cyclist Wout van Aert started at the bottom second. Filippo Ganna, the current ITT world champion, came last.

After the start, Tom Dumoulin immediately refreshed the fastest time at the first timing point, and his state was gratifying. But the first time point was immediately surpassed by the Slovenian cyclist Primož Roglič, who started in seventh place from the bottom. Next, several popular cyclists including Wout van Aert were unable to exceed Primož Roglič's results at the first time point until Filippo Ganna passed the first time point.

Subsequently, Wout van Aert approached the gap with Primož Roglič sharply at the second timing point. The time difference between the two was less than one second, while Filippo Ganna gradually fell behind the two cyclists Primož Roglič and Wout van Aert. Primož Roglič completed the first lap with the best results, followed by Tom Dumoulin, Filippo Ganna, and Wout van Aert.

Tom Dumoulin started to be slightly tired on the second lap, and Wout van Aert also fell in the second lap, both of whom were far behind their World Tour teammate Primož Roglič. Tom Dumoulin took the lead to complete the two laps in 56 minutes and 05 seconds, sitting on the hot seat, and then Primož Roglič completed the race in 55 minutes and 04 seconds, setting the victory with a one-minute advantage. Rohan Dennis finished third.

Primož Roglič finally won this important victory after repeated losses in the Tour de France and the Olympic Games. Congratulations to Primož Roglič, and hope Primož Roglič will play well in the Tour of Spain!

Women's Group:
The Dutch star Annemiek van Vleuten won by an absolute advantage. The Swiss cyclist Marlen Reusser and the Dutch cyclist Anna van der Breggen won the silver and bronze medals respectively.

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